Other Services

  • Japan Advance Filing Rules on Maritime Cargo Information (JAFR)
  • is a mandatory procedure which requires vessel operators, NVOCCs and Shipping Agents to comply with the electronic exchange of maritime container cargo information to Japan Customs not later than 24 hours before departure. Intercommerce Network Services, being the only VASP in the Philippines accredited by Japan’s NACCS (Nippon Automated Cargo and Port Consolidated System, Inc.) developed electronic data processing system which will forward the manifest and bills of lading information to NACCS.


  • Cargo Logistics Inc. System (CALOGI)
  • www.calogi.com is a new generation platform that links all stakeholders in the air-logistics supply chain, creating an integrated business environment for the airfreight community. CALOGI objective is to be the general distribution system of choice for the worldwide airfreight community of Freight Forwarders, Airlines, Ground Handlers, GSA’s, Shipper’s, Consignee’s, Authorities, and 3PL’s.

    Key Features For Airline Members:

    • AWB Stock Management
    • Rate Management
    • CCA Management
    • Credit Control
    • Branded Portal
    • View Sales Reports

    Key Features For Freight Forwarder Members:

    • Link with Airline/GSA partners
    • Request Stock
    • Request a Rate or Use Contract/Rack Rates
    • Book Shipment
    • Execute Air Waybills
    • Send FWB/FHL to the Airline
    • View Shipment Status
    • View Sales Reports
    • View Sales Reports


  • Electronic Data Warehouse (eDW)
  • is a comprehensive and secured web-based application providing Import Documentation Management solutions. This navigable software has the capacity to store documents covering import transactions (i.e. PO, Invoice, Packing List, AWB/BL and Certificate of Origin) together with the import documents lodged and processed thru InterCommerce (i.e. Import Permits, Import Entry Declaration, Custom Assessment on Duties and Taxes, Statement of Settlement of Duties and Taxes and Online Release) in a highly secured repository. This application is fully customizable to suit the requirements of the enterprise.