Bureau of Customs


INTERCOMMERCE was accredited as the first VASP for the implementation of the electronic lodgment of import entry declaration to the BOC e2m Import Assessment System. Services now include the lodgment of the Client Profile Registration System (CPRS), e-Manifest, Import Entry (Formal, Warehouse and Transshipment), Online Cargo Release (OLRS). Transshipment Entry and the Export Declaration.


The WEB-BASED CUSTOMS WORK STATION (WebCWS) is an electronic application available 24×7 for the preparation of Import and Export Declaration. This application serves as a gateway to receive responses to applications made and online printing import and export documents.


The Client Profile Registration System (CPRS) is a module of the Bureau of Customs Electronic-to-Mobile System [e2m] which builds up its database of stakeholders transacting with Customs. It determines the access rights of an e2m user in the BOC system.


Submission of manifest and shipping documents (AWB/BL) either thru online encoding, file upload from ACOS, from internal back office system or from shipping line or forwarder at origin.


Import Entry declarations may be prepared and lodged electronically by accredited Customs Brokers via the WebCWS. Submission is done online to the BOC E2M. Lodged entries will be subject to the selectivity system and online viewing and printing of the Temporary Assessment Notice (TAN), Single Administrative Document (SAD), Online Release Instruction (OLRS) and Statement of Settlement of Duties and Taxes (SSDT) are enabled.


Exporters, Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders may now prepare and lodge electronically the E2M-AEDS SAD (Automated Export Declaration System) via WebCWS.


The OLRS is an online service, which enables the port or arrastre operators, airline and other authorized warehouses, and Container Yard-Container Freight Station (CY-CFS) to receive release instructions from and to transmit confirmation or misrouted OLRS messages, to the BOC e2m IAS system.


Online Visibility is a FREE service rendered by InterCommerce which provides its BOC-registered client importers a window to view transactions prepared and lodged by their authorized brokers and print the Import Entry Single Administrative Document (SAD), the Assessment Notice, the Statement of Settlement of Duties and Taxes (SSDT) and the Online Cargo Release (OLRS).