InterCommerce Transfers to a New Office

To better serve our valued clients, we have moved to a new facility at Unit 601 The Pearlbank Center 146 Valero Street Salcedo Village, Makati City.

We have enjoyed doing business with you and appreciate your support. We hope you will get acquainted with our new office soon.

Thank you!

INS Systems Maintenance – June 5, 2016 2:00am

Please be informed that the InterCommerce Infrastructure will undergo Systems Maintenance.

The downtime will start from June 5, 2016 at 2:00am and will last for 2 hours. Target uptime on all systems will be at 4:00am of June 5, 2016.

This necessary maintenance on our Infrastructure is to improve the services we offer to all our Customers.

For any query on this matter, please do call/email our Helpdesk.

The next service bulletin will be issued after the maintenance or as soon as conditions change.

Telephone: +632 843-8182 or +632 751-1188

BOC-PEZA JMO 2-2015 on e-Zone Transfer System Issued

BOC-PEZA JMO 2-2015 e-Zone Transfer System for Transfer of Goods Between PEZA-Registered Enterprises

The Bureau of Customs and PEZA have issued JMO 2-2015 which pertains to the Implementation of the Electronic Zone Transfer System for the Transfer of Goods between PEZA-registered Enterprises. The JMO applies to all Intra-zone and Inter-zone transfer of goods such as but not limited to constructive exports, farm-out for subcontracting and permanent and temporary transfers of goods and equipment.

Highlights of the JMO:

1. Electronic filing of the Letter of Authority and the Zone Transfer Document (replacement for 8106, 8105, 8110, 8112 and PEZA Boatnote) through a VASP

2. Posting of General Transportation Surety Bond to replace Customs Boatnote and PEZA underguarding

Download JMO 2-2015

BOC & PEZA Issue Clarification on JMO 1-2015 Sec 7

A clarification on Section 7 of JMO 1-2015 has been issued today stating that there is no need for the SAD to be coursed through the Bonds Division for “charging” or “debiting” after the goods have been received at the destination zone. According to the memo, sufficient security to insure the approved Transshipment Permit’s compliance to GTSB requirements is provided for by Section 7.e. of the JMO. Section 7.e. has established the mechanism to ensure that the amount of bonds posted conforms to the “Minimum Bond” (whichever is higher between 1M and the result of the GTSB computation of 3 months of duties and taxes), and that the GTSB may continue to be used to process transshipment entries only until 30 days before the expiry of its validity. The notification feature of the system and the feedback procedure, on the other hand, will promote early detection and security from diversion of goods from its authorized port of final destination.

Download JMO 1-2015A.

Mandatory PEZA e2m Transshipment on June 3 (Wed)

Mandatory Implementation: June 3, 2015 (Wednesday)
Requirements and additional information:
1. Approved/Activated and valid Importer and Broker CPRS

CPRS activation will be done by MISTG after presenting the proof of payment of P1,000 as an activation fee and copy of the CPRS-Certificate of Registration (COR).

2. Importer’s General Transport Surety Bond (GTSB) per Port (if applicable) – Please refer to Section 7-C of BOC-PEZA JMO 1-2015 for the computation. Below documents must be submitted to the respective Bonds Division:

  • GTSB
  • Official Receipt (OR)
  • Computation submitted by the importer/custom broker
  • Affidavit of undertaking


GTSB valid for a calendar or fiscal year shall be applicable without need for charging/debiting” or liquidation by the Bonds Division or other Customs office as a condition for the approval of the Transshipment.

For 2015, Locators are allowed to secure additional bonds only to “top-up” their existing valid GTSBs to meet the requirement.

3. Importer or Broker Pre-payment account or Importer’s BRN for the payment of Cargo Transfer Fee (CTF)

4. BOC E2M Transshipment Declaration 8ZN-8

For further information and/or assistance, please send your email to or or call us at 752-1188.

PEZA to Disallow Fund Transfer Starting June 1

Due to numerous requests for transfer of funds in PEZA’s prepayment facilities which may result in erroneous posting, PEZA has moved not to accommodate such requests effective June 1

Furthermore, PEZA shall implement the use of the Advance Payment Form in lodging advance payments. The Advance Payment Form bears the following details to be accomplished:

2. Prepayment Account (Import or Export)
3. Type of Prepayment (One-to-One or Universal)
4. Account Name (Broker and Locator)

Download Memo Order 2015-007 and Advance Payment Form.

PEZA EIPS: User-Updated Notification Recipient

Attention: PEZA Importers !!

In compliance to the JMO 1-2015 where a notification must be received by the Importer informing that an Import Permit has been lodged under its name, please be informed the EIP system has been enhanced with a facility whereby the Importer may be able to update the company’s designated email address to receive the information anytime. Here is how to access the facility:

1. Log on to
2. Click LOCATOR.
3. Edit EMAIL ADDRESS. Group email is recommended.
4. Save.
PEZA Importers are urged to execute the update as soon as possible.

For assistance, please feel free to call 02-752-1188.

E2M Server – System Maintenance 12:30pm May 15

E2M server will be restarted around 12:30 P.M. and will not be accessible during that time. This will affect the processing of all Customs Responses (Manifest/Import and Export Declarations). Please refrain from sending your declarations to avoid errors.

Mobile Phone: 0917-5521188, 0943-2337437

Skype Chat Support: intercommerce.manila
YM Chat Support:

BOC to Launch e-Cert. of Origin

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BOC & PEZA Extend Optional Use of E2M Transshipment

PEZA has released today PEZA MC 2015-014 which pertains to the extension of period of optional use by PEZA Enterprises of the BOC e2m Transshipment System for Import Cargoes in accordance to agreement with BOC.

The following are the important points of the circular:

  • In lieu of the 04 May 2015 effectivity of the JMO, the use by PEZA enterprises of BOC’s e2m Transshipment System shall continue to be optional for another 30 days from 04 May 2015.

  • BOC accreditation through AMO will not be required as long as the locator’s CPRS is active and importations are covered by a sufficient bond.

  • All existing bonds shall not be cancelled and shall continue to be valid until their respective expiry dates, provided that the prescribed minimum face value is complied with.

Download PEZA MC 2015 014